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Chuck Konkel is a leader

and a truly exceptional individual

“Chuck Konkel was the driving force  at all times behind the creation of Toronto’s hate crime process…The Toronto Police Service are Canadian pioneers in this area.?

David Boothby, Former Toronto Chief of Police       more quotes



Committed to the Community

Chuck has been married to his wife Robin for 29 years. They have a 16 year old daughter Laura. He speaks English, French, Dutch, Cantonese and German; has a BA (Hon) and an MA specializing in international relations.  He has policed for over thirty years on three continents and instituted police processes that are trailblazing in such diverse fields as child pornography, hate crime, organized crime and a number of community initiatives.  He has taught media relations and communications science at Seneca Community College for more than a decade.  He is also a Director of the Ontario Safety League.  The difference between a great leader and someone who pretends to be a leader are their proven accomplishments 


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